Are The Yellow Pages Still Worth It For Insurance Agents?

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Should you place a Yellow Pages ad or not? You’ve probably struggled with this tough decision before. If you do, a big chunk of your budget gets locked up in an ad contract. But if you don’t, how do you know you’re not just handing leads to your competitors?

The Numbers

According to the Yellow Pages Association (YPA), the classic print directory is still an effective advertising tool for insurance agents. They report the "Insurance" category gets almost 233 million look-ups each year. That makes it the 12th most popular category out of 4,000 unique headings.

Not surprisingly, the lion’s share of the look-ups – and the leads -goes to auto insurance (67%) and homeowners (21%). Health only snags 7% of insurance look-ups, and life lags behind with just 3%.

While YPA likes to suggest that an investment in Yellow Pages ads could deliver big-time leads for personal lines agents, health and life producers definitely meet mixed results.

A New Approach To The Yellow Pages

Health and life agents are rethinking their Yellow Pages advertising strategy. Here’s two techniques they’re using:

  1. Boost response by adding your website address. Some people will see your ad and pick up the phone. Others prefer an indirect approach. Listing your website address gives the leads a low-risk way to learn more before taking action. Today getting a carrier-compliant insurance website is simple and affordable.
  1. Drop the ad and invest in internet leads. In some markets, adding your website address doesn’t produce the lift you need to make the ad spend worth it. Rather than drop close to a grand every month and get unpredictable results, agents are dropping their display ads. Then they take the savings and invest it in a supply of real-time internet leads. With quality leads from a good company, you know you’ll always have interested prospects to work. And with a low cost per lead, writing just one policy can cover your entire month’s investment.

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