Insurance Lead Management

Say hello to your new, paperless agency. Manage your leads from follow-up to renewal with the click of the mouse. Optional quoting lets you package and send detailed proposals online. And that’s just the beginning.

It’s called BrokerOffice, and it’s the lead management tool developed by our sister insurance technology company, Norvax.

The best part? You get basic BrokerOffice FREE when you open your ProspectZone account.

Forget Data Entry Forever

Cutting and pasting leads into your database used to take you hours. Now it happens automatically. All your ProspectZone leads are instantly imported into your BrokerOffice account.

Have other lead sources? You can easily import them, too. Manage leads from your website, online marketing campaigns and even other vendors from BrokerOffice’s sophisticated, easy-to-use online dashboard.

Going Paperless

Activate optional online quoting and transform BrokerOffice into a proposal-generating machine. Point, click and email off detailed proposals that compare multiple products side-by-side for your customers.

Your proposals even include online applications where available. With brochures, rates and apps all online, now the only thing you’ll be mailing out is the written policy.

Easy Lead Management

Tired of losing track of your leads? Now you have them all at your fingertips. Search and sort them, add notes, and monitor your incoming insurance leads.

Use the built-in calendar to schedule follow-up phone calls, meetings, renewals and important client events. Pop-up reminders keep you on top of it all.

Snapshot Reporting

Now you can get real-time reports on how all your online lead campaigns are doing. Quickly identify which campaign needs some tweaking, which you should grow, and which should be shut off.

Plus, BrokerOffice is compatible with email autoresponders that keep you in front of internet leads with a persuasive and automatic drip marketing campaign.

Interested in streamlining your agency with BrokerOffice? Speak with a Norvax Product Specialist.

Learn more about getting your free lead management software when you open your ProspectZone account. Contact a Lead Specialist now.