Insurance Auto Responders

Could you be making more sales, if only you could dig up more time for following up leads? And how many more policies could you write if you could instantly quote prospects – and then keep your offer in front of them for months after?

Now you can, with a LeadMiner email autoresponder.

Offered only through ProspectZone’s sister insurance technology company, Norvax, LeadMiner is an email autoresponder tool that automatically subscribes your leads to an ongoing campaign of personalized emails.

That means ALL your leads – from ProspectZone or other popular vendors – get a response from you the instant they’ve expressed their interest in insurance. You rocket past agents stuck following up by phone to be first in your prospect’s mind, no matter how busy you get.

And LeadMiner is the ONLY email autoresponder that includes updated health insurance quotes in every message it sends. Just plug it in and you can keep a fresh offer in front of leads for days, weeks or even months.

Sound like a tool that can free up your time and help you write more policies? Talk to a Norvax product consultants to learn more

"I ended up stealing away the sale from a large online insurance retailer with LeadMiner. I had no chance at making this sale without the autoresponder because the lead was a week old, and I wouldn’t have had the time to get back to it."
– J. Berkowitz, MedeQuote, Chicago, IL

Or you can try Norvax’s LeadMiner email autoresponder for yourself by scheduling a free demo today.