Sell Fast, Work Even Faster With Insurance Leads

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Buying internet insurance leads is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to prospect. Why?

Traditional offline marketing, like advertising and direct mail, requires you to pay big money up front – and then wait around and hope for results. You spend thousands in postage and printing for that sales letter, or hundreds every month for your spot in the Yellow Pages… and with any luck a few leads will be interested enough to pick up the phone.

With internet leads, you only pay to reach people who have already shown they’re interested by requesting an insurance quote over the web. We bring them straight to you. Instead of spending your time on marketing and lead generation, you can spend your time working more prospects and selling more policies.

Want To Work Even Faster? That’s What Insurance Technology Is For

When you pair internet leads with insurance technology, you can work even faster.

Put an end to filing and data entry. Every ProspectZone account includes lead management software, BrokerOffice. Your internet leads are automatically imported into BrokerOffice.

Quote your leads in seconds. Use the optional quote engine to run multi-carrier quotes for your leads in less than 60-seconds. Leads can compare, choose and apply.

Lightning quick follow up. There’s no limit to how many internet leads you can work when you include an email autoresponder package. With an autoresponder, your leads can receive a custom sales message instantly… and they keep on getting them for weeks or months down the road. Autoresponders let you snag your leads’ initial interest, and set the tire-kickers up for future sales.

What are you going to do with all the time internet leads save you?

Give ProspectZone a try, and see for yourself how much time and effort internet leads can save you. Talk to our lead specialists to get started.