Improve Your Sales With Internet Leads

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Agents can see real results by using online insurance leads.

Lead generation is crucial to any business – especially when you’re selling on commission. But the old strategies are like shooting blind. You put down a bunch of money for an ad in the newspaper, and hope you get phone calls. Or even worse, you run a cold call campaign and hope that someone who wants to talk about a policy picks up.

How are internet leads different? They already have interest in insurance.

Instead of spending money to broadcast your message to everyone, you focus on the people who need your services and are ready to hear your offer. Our leads are people who have requested an insurance quote. They aren’t always ready to buy on the first phone call, but they’re a lot closer than someone who randomly gets a direct mail letter.

By taking care of lead generation, ProspectZone lets you focus on selling policies. We handle the online ad campaigns and website placement. We find the prospects. You sell them their policy. And you pocket the commission.

And we don’t just throw insurance leads at you. Every ProspectZone account includes a lead management system, BrokerOffice, for free. BrokerOffice lets you see the results of your lead campaigns. You can track leads through the sales cycle, and run reports on which kinds of leads are bringing the largest returns.

And to keep you from blowing your budget, BrokerOffice lets you set daily and monthly maximums for lead delivery. You’ll never get more leads than you can quote.

Talk to our lead specialists to get started with insurance leads from ProspectZone.