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Here are just a few of the things agents are saying about ProspectZone insurance leads:

"I’m getting better productivity, better quality leads, and more leads. The leads are quality because people wouldn’t be wasting their time if they weren’t in the market… Purchased leads supplement my slow times. Now I close one in ten."
– J. Ratcliff, Low Cost Health Insurance, AZ

"I meant to tell you this earlier, so far I am VERY pleased with the leads you all are providing. Have appts. with the majority of what you have sent! Thank you so very much for helping me increase my business!"
– H. Loughridge, Centerville, VA

"I just wanted too thank you for your persistency in contacting me too do business with your services. I have to say, that i have dealt with numerous companies in supplying leads and the experience and success that I have had in only 1 week with your organization has surpassed many of there services in months. Again, thank you."
– G. Murphy, Acworth, GA 

"Thank you for very good leads!..Thanks for your help, & I certainly will recommend your services to my agent friends."
– M. Cartwright, Rock Hill, SC

"I increased my marketing just a tad bit and am absolutely overwhelmed. Got tons and tons of leads in today. Norvax was the reason I could increase my marketing. You’ve made me many thousands of dollars. I’m very very very pleased with you guys and everything you’ve done thus far for me. The leads that I got from you have worked out well. I purchased $500 worth and just one of those leads alone made me $1300."
– W. Brinson, Newberg, OR

"The leads that we have been getting are great. They are really taking off (numbers wise and quality wise). Thanks for everything."
– M. Powell, Bradenton, FL

"I have only been receiving health leads from your company for about a month now. I can’t believe it! I have received more viable leads and written more business in one month with your leads than 3 other previous lead companies I have utilized in the past year! I don’t know how you do it and how you can charge so little, but keep it coming! I will stay with this lead program for as long as I am an agent if you continue with this fantastic lead system! You’re competitors have absolutely NOTHING on you! Forget the advertising hype! You produce results! Thanks so much!"
– N. Wardwell, Niceville, FL

"Number one, I don’t have to spend any time prospecting. That’s important. I can spend all my time selling. Number two, there’s results. That’s key. If I spend $50,000 and make $250,000, it’s a good investment. You know every day you’ll have 10-15 people to call up. You can get into a routine. It’s just important if there’s a bad couple days I know I have ten more coming in tomorrow. You don’t make sales this way unless you’re constantly in front of people, and leads let you always stay in front of them."
– B. Brow, Zionsville, IN

"Jack – I would have emailed… earlier but I have been too busy selling health and life insurance to the absolutely great leads from Prospect Zone. The "whole enchilada" has made an unbelievable difference. 5 sales in 2 days without driving around in CA traffic at $3.5 per gallon. By the time I get to speak with them they are real prospects and I have "drip marketed" them so they are marinated and ready to throw on the grill (so to speak). One lady even said that after getting my emails (auto response messages) and going through my website she ONLY wanted to be contacted by ME."
– R. Liuag, Corona, CA

"Back in October, 2004, my health insurance broker recommended an internet lead program for health insurance through ProspectZone. I’ve been in this business for 20 years and have tried various lead programs throughout the years. The majority of the time they simply didn’t produce meaningful results. A couple of things make this a very successful program for me. First, I specify how many leads I want per day so that I can timely work them vs. having a whole quantity of leads dumped on me at once. Second, individuals who’ve been looking for info on the internet, are for the most part, expecting a call or response of some kind. The best lead in the world is no good if you don’t follow up on it. Every internet lead I receive via email, receives a personal phone call from me within 12 hours. That’s the key. Right then and there, I can qualify them and determine if I can help them further. I’m running a very high ratio of sales to leads received. It’s a very efficient way to find qualified health insurance prospects in my market area. It certainly demonstrates the benefits we have today from technology like the internet and email. And, as importantly, clients like and often expect to do business this way also. The ProspectZone lead program is certainly a great tool for adding dollars to my bottom line!"
– D. DenHartog, DenHartog Financial Services

"I use ProspectZone leads in conjunction with our own lead generating system (Lead Central) that SEIG put together. The bottom line is, and it’s true for any industry whether it’s insurance or not, that people who shop online buy online. It’s a proven fact at this point. So when I can get an internet lead, it gives me a lot of advantages. Number one, I know someone’s shopping online so they’re going to have a higher probability of buying online. Number two, I order leads by the state, instead of the zip code, because online I can be anywhere at any time. To anybody that has a computer I can sell insurance, which is the name of the game. And when you buy online leads, you already know they have one. And lastly, I can be presenting to a client in a matter of minutes from their initial inquiry, instead of days waiting to get to their home."
– A. Agoglia, Self Employed Insurance Group

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