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In a market as fiercely competitive as insurance, fast isn’t good enough. You need to be faster than the other guys.

That’s why the leads you buy can never be stale. You have to get prospects on the phone while they’re most interested – and before your competitors make their pitch.

The Agent Who Makes The Sale

We’ve talked to agents, done research, and looked at the numbers. The story is always the same. When prospects are ready to get a policy, they usually buy from the first agent who contacted them. That first call is the most important.

Tips For Closing The Sale – Fast

These are some strategies successful agents have shared with us.

  • Keep an eye on your leads.

    Be ready to call leads as soon as they enter your lead management system. You can often get people on the phone while they’re still online – and while they’re the most open to your offer.

  • Call with some options in mind.

    When a lead comes in, size it up. Have some suggestions ready when you call. Even if you need to get more info from the prospect over the phone, you can still engage them with helpful suggestions when you make the call.

  • Use technology to your advantage.

    You can use insurance technology to have an offer ready in almost no time. Use a quote engine to run multi-carrier quotes in 60 seconds. Use email autoresponders to send out a sales message as soon as the lead comes in – without having to lift a finger.

Talk to our lead specialists to learn more. They’ll tell you about the advantages ProspectZone Leads can bring to your agency. And they can fill you in on how to get the most from insurance technology.