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When it comes to online lead generation, agents always have one big question for venders: "How do you get these leads?"

It’s a good question, because not all internet lead generation companies do it the same way – and as a result, not all of them can deliver you quality leads.

When Prospects Search Online For "Insurance," We’re There

The key to generating quality internet leads is our competitive search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. That means when someone enters insurance-related terms into popular search engines like Google and Yahoo!, our websites appear in the top natural rankings and paid advertisements.

The lead-generating websites in the ProspectZone network are designed specifically to help consumers connect with insurance agents. When a prospect in the area you work fills out a request for an insurance quote on one of our sites, our system instantly delivers it to you. You can even set optional filters to narrow down the type of lead you want even further.

The advantage of these marketing strategies is that they target just the people who are already on the web, actively interested in insurance. Not only are they searching, they want to compare plans and rates.

ProspectZone also works with multiple affiliates who generate leads on our behalf. We have strict rules about the quality of leads we accept from our affiliates. And our affiliate reporting tools are the strongest in the insurance lead industry, and allow us to keep the good leads coming in and turn off any bad sources instantly.

Real interest from prospects is just one of ProspectZone’s promises to you. Want to learn more? Talk to one of our lead specialists.