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ProspectZone Now Offers Shared Life Insurance Leads!

But with the increase in the volume of life insurance leads it is now generating, as well as the increased demand for life insurance leads, ProspectZone has now moved to offer shared life insurance leads to insurance agents.

This move means that life insurance producers will have access to more variety when designing their insurance lead packages:

  • Statewide or county
  • Exclusive or shared
  • Age filters for 25+ or 45+ included

ProspectZone built its industry-leading position through a commitment to providing the highest-quality insurance leads. This focus on quality is infused in every stage of ProspectZone’s lead-generation and delivery system:

  • Search engine shoppers. Online consumers actively searching for life insurance are targeted with informative consumer-oriented websites.
  • No incentives. Insurance shoppers are never “bribed” with prizes or incentives to become leads. In fact, each lead specifically requests to be contacted by an agent for a quote.
  • Filtered. Each insurance lead is checked against a dynamic validation database and automatically filtered for the age, state or county that each agent selects.
  • Fresh. Qualified insurance leads are delivered to agent inboxes in real time, so they can contact prospects who still have insurance on their minds.

For more information about ProspectZone’s high-quality insurance leads and sales automation tools, producers can visit www.ProspectZone.com or call 1-866-466-7829 ext. 1.