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Does this sound like an agent you know? A batch of life leads comes in. The agent calls each one – and gets no immediate takers and a couple of answering machines. So the leads end up in the trash, and the agent is off to the next batch.

Problem is, the agent could be missing out on sales… and doesn’t even know it. Here are a few easy tips to get the biggest return on your lead investment.

Jump On New Leads Quickly

Any quality internet lead is sent in real-time. If you’re quick on the draw, you can often get the prospect on the phone while they’re still at their computer – meaning you’re making your pitch while their interest is at its highest.

To make sure you’re the agent who makes contact first, always keep an eye on your email inbox.

Call Them Again. And Again.

Leads don’t always pick up the phone the first time you call. So it’s critical to keep trying. When you get a new lead, make a commitment to keep calling until you get them on the phone.

Even if you make your offer and they decline, don’t give up. Turning down your offer doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. A life lead might not be ready to face the facts on the first call. If you get a "no", try again later. Marketing experts have found that the average person needs to hear an offer 7 times before it starts to sink in.

Automate Your Follow-Up

Even though you know how important it is to keep following up with your leads, you don’t always have time. And the older a lead gets, the less it’s worth your time to keep in contact. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still interested. Down the road their situation could change, and they’ll be ready to finally buy a life policy, or get a new one. If you write these leads off, you could be missing out on writing business.

Email autoresponders make the follow-up process effortless. When leads come in, they get an email from you – instantly. And your autoresponder keeps on touching them for days, weeks, even months after. Your offer stays in front of them, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

A good lead program can help you sell more policies – and do it with less work. To find out more about life insurance leads from ProspectZone, talk to our Lead Specialists.

Learn more on what it takes to close life insurance leads. You can also find more practical lead strategies and free resources in our Insurance Marketing Resources.