We’re Not An Agency… So You Keep Every Penny

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Leads don’t close themselves… even internet leads. You work hard to earn your sales. Why should the lead company take a bite out of your commission check?

But that’s exactly what some lead companies expect. Why? Because they’re also an insurance agency, and expect you to share your profits with them.

At ProspectZone we’re a lead company, plain and simple. When you purchase our leads, you know that the profits you make from them are 100% yours.

Start with our base lead types and pricing, then let us help you customize your own program. You only pay the price of the leads you want, and not a penny more.

We also know successful lead programs take a little more than a "hands off" approach to your commissions. That’s why we’re dedicated to using top notch lead generation tactics to deliver the quality and the number of leads you need. The websites we use to generate our leads give people a better understanding of their options – and that means you get more educated and more qualified prospects.

And unlike those "get what you pay for" companies, our leads are backed up by a generous return policy.

These are just a few of the reasons our customers love our leads.

Contact us to find out what kind of lead program will deliver the best results for you.